The radiant electric floor heating sytems are probably the fastest developing innovative heating systems of the last few years. Electric energy becomes competitive compared to traditional energy sources. During the few years buidling engineering willing to accept this tendency. Moderate investment costs, simple design, quick installation and accurate controlling turns these maintenance-free systems really attractive.



Floor heating is known for centuries, however ceiling heating is a comparatively new method getting popular only for the last few years. The heat distribution of ceiling heating is quite similar to floor heating; both they are radiant surface heating methods.

Ceiling heating gives bigger flexibility during the design and installation process than floor installation. Using a suspended ceiling additional insulation might be applied, upgrading the energy class of the building. Higher surface temperatures are allowed for the ceiling, which results in dynamic increase of room temperature when needed.



Time to retire your snow shovel.The BVF SX heating cable series quickly remove the ice and snow from ramps and walkways providing safe and secure traffic throughout the winter season.  Heated surfases ensure easy asd safe access to your home and prevent your car from eventual damages under any circumstances. The intelligent, self-regulating cables of BVF SRHC are able to prevent your pipes and gutters from damages coused by ice.



Sophisticated condensing gas boiler systems and heat pumps are running at low cost - still they are expensive and require periodical maintenance. Our BVF and CALEO electric heatings combined with solar electric systems are the ultimate solution to achieve zero running and maintenance costs at moderate investment.

Using renewable energy sources is a responsible answer to climate change and pollution. Stay independent from energy prices, save on your pocket and protect the nature



Remote access to your heating systemis the most efficient way to optimize consumption and reduce the bill. Pre-programmed routines  might  be adjusted to eventual needs, such way resulting 15-20% of saving compared to an analog controller.  Remote adjustment is more efficient than any simple programmable or self-learning controllers. A built-in webserver of BVF Zone Box allows real time access and controls of up to 8   pieces of BVF 601i thermostat units.



Kids are spending most of their time on the floor. Our systems are easy to install and give perfect comfort to children. Take a short journey on our website and explore the best heating solution for your family.

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